A Great Success of Our 6th Charity Fundraising Event: BUN-FUN Charity Hike for Children

Activity Highlights

Dr. Wu has always interested in participating charity events himself. He thought it would be a natural opportunity for him to help seed the charity culture in HK by raising funds by patients with their renewed feet to help others in need. Year 2014 was our sixth annual charity walk. It was held in the picturesque Aberdeen Reservoir and Country Park with a special theme of ‘BUN-FUN Charity Hike for Children’. It was a walk participated not only by our ex-bunion patients but also the beneficiary children and their parents from the Heep Hong Society to give them the hope that their adversity will one day also be fully overcome and our belief that they will also carry on the charitable spirit of helping others.

Dr. Wu with beneficiary children and his ex-bunion patients at the starting point of their hike.

The children and their families were putting on the activity stickers and wearing the wrist straps.

Dr. Wu, together with a visiting American surgeon for learning his bunion surgery and his center’s staff participated in this charity event.

Dr. Wu and the staff of Heep Hong Society delivered their speech before the activity.

Representative children and staff from Heep Hong Society presented a souvenir to Dr. Wu.

(Left) The children and their families were hiking together hand in hand in such a comfortable weather.
(Right) The children were walking along the dam, enjoying the surrounding sceneries.

The children were very excited whenever they passed through the recreational facilities.

The last section of the trail was relatively steep and tough, but all the Hallux Valgus patients and children tried their best to finish it.

A happy and gratifying ending of a healthy and meaningful event.

News Report by Hee Hong Society