Syndesmosis Procedure vs Osteotomy Procedures in Advantages

1. MainstreamX X X Not yet√ √ √ > 95% of all bunion surgeries1,2
2. Peer supportX X X Minimal√ √ √
3. One technique for all severity correction√ √ √ 3X X X > 20 procedures for different conditions
4. Minimal trauma, post-op pain and swelling√ √ √X X Sacrificing normal bones and joints
5. Fewer and milder complications√ √ 4-6X X Hi-risk for secondary problems7,8, unwittingly
6. Immediate toe exercises and min. stiffness√ √ √ 4-6X Less often than yes
7. Easy recovery, self-physiotherapy √ √ 4-6X X Professional reliance is the norm.
8. Proven consistent function restoration√ √ √ 5X X X Not yet objectively-13
9. Unrestricted activities & shoes, Min. recurrence√ √ √ 6X X Not recommended, recurrence well known14,15
10. More natural cosmetic result√ √ 6X X Straight but uneasy and hard-pressed appearance
11. Same time both feet correction4,5,6√ √ √ 4-6X X Not usually recommended
12. A non-bridge-burning surgery√ √ √X X X Permanent anatomic change for better or worse
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