If syndesmosis procedure is so good, why no other surgeons perform it?

Indeed, it has been almost 60 years since the syndesmosis concept was first introduced in Italy and it still remains a relatively unknown, largely doubtful and little practiced surgical technique.

The reasons could be:

  1. Syndesmosis procedure may be the victim of its own unprecedented good results. Despite its sound surgical principles, indisputable evidence and unmatched results, they are just too different from the traditional break-n-shift of bone approach to be comprehended.
  2. Osteotomy approach to bunion correction has been a world-wide tradition for more than half of a century. Its belief is deeply entrenched in the entire orthopaedic system.
  3. It needs probably a more authoritative figure to lead the evolution. Moreover, the present medicolegal environment may not accept non-mainstream practice readily without strong and prominent peer support.
  4. Unfortunately, most medical insurance companies regard non-bone-breaking procedures technically much simpler and thus would not reimburse surgeons adequately.
  5. The change has actually started already, please visit https://www.bunioncenternyc.com/dr-fellners-journey.html and http://www.bellevuefoot.com.