Case Presentations

Since there is no consensus yet of the best bunion surgery after having tried >150 different techniques, bunion surgeons are required to resort to at least 3-4 different surgical techniques to handle bunions of different severities. However, if all bunion feet actually share the same underlying pathology then they should all be corrected by the same surgery as long as it can effectively do so. This section demonstrates that indeed it can be done by the non-bone-breaking syndesmosis procedure. It can even be applied also to salvage feet that have failed after other bunion surgeries.

Mild Bunion Deformity Correction

Moderate Bunion Deformity Correction

Severe Bunion Deformity Correction

Extreme Bunion Deformity Correction

Spontaneous Secondary Deformity Correction

Salvaging Failed Bone-Breaking Surgery

Salvaging Failed Lapidus Fusion Surgery

Salvaging Failed McBride Procedure

Syndesmosis procedure vs Bone-breaking procedures