Center for Non-Bone-Breaking Bunion Surgery,
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital ,
40 Stubbs Road,
Hong Kong

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Overseas contact with our former patients for reference:

We have international patients living in Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Korea, China, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand who have travelled to Hong Kong for their bunion surgery and have kindly agreed to talk to their own country man about their experiences.

If you would like to have these references, please feel free to contact us in order to obtain their contact details

California, USA:
“I feel great with my feet, they are functioning very well. I am willing to be your reference, so you can give out my cell phone number in California…….I will share my experience with the callers.”

“Regarding communicating with potential patients, it'll be my pleasure …… I'd be pleased to give them my favorable opinion.”

“I'm doing very well and I'm so happy that I had the bunion surgery with your revolutionary procedure. Thank you again! I will be glad to speak to any interested parties about this surgery. Just contact me by email.”

“I would be happy to provide a testimonial for you…… I am happy for you to forward my email address. I can then follow up contacts either by email or telephone at my own convenience.”

“I would be happy to act as a reference for anyone considering the bunion surgery you do. I now have no foot pain at all and the cosmetic results are amazing. I am very happy with the results of the surgery. I tell people whenever I can about the advantages of this type of surgery. Unfortunately they seem to do only do the bone breaking surgery in Australia. I feel regret that people have to go through that, when there is a far better way to achieve the same results, with the non-bone breaking surgery. The sooner this surgery is known about and performed in more places, the better. I see many women my age with bunion problems who will not have the bone breaking surgery, because it is so invasive.”