Margaret River Correspondent

The surgery I chose is non bone cutting/breaking. In Australia, the practice is to cut or break the bones in some way. My Grandmother and my girlfriend did have this surgery and it was not successful for them. So when I heard about Dr Wu and his Syndesmosis Procedure, I jumped at it. I will not attempt to explain it, so I suggest you follow that link to his website which explains not only the procedure but also the condition which we refer to as bunions.


The day after surgery @ The Hong Kong Adventist Hospital 2012

My Feet, Pre Bunion Surgery 2012

#6th month after surgery, 2013

Alternative Bunion Surgery

By August 2015 and after multiple (after multiple) communications, I was 90% sure I would proceed with the non-bone breaking surgery performed by Dr. Wu. My next step was to meet with Dr. Wu himself to have him evaluate me in person, and for me to also get a sense of who my doctor was. Since March 2015, I had not met nor spoken to Dr. Wu and felt this was an important step before I made my final decision. I would be performing this surgery out of the country (I live in California), and a decision like this would need lots of coordination.